Whilst chatbots have become hugely beneficial for personalised customer experiences, these digital assistants are also helping businesses build a more productive team and improve internal communications.

Driving Internal Communications

AI technology is having an unprecedented impact on organisations’ internal communications, facilitating business processes and workflows. Digital assistants have the ability to handle company logistics and allow employees to focus on their day-to-day tasks, thus driving greater productivity.

Chatbots can push and pull when it comes to internal communications. You can broadcast messages to employees on a schedule that you define or request messages/emails on demand with voice recognition technology.

Sales Teams Will Thrive

Sales teams will welcome chatbots with open arms, as representatives see the greatest success when they invest in warm, qualified leads. But as all salespeople know, these leads take time to convert and logging notes has become crucial to the sales process.

However, this has become a time-consuming procedure and reps need to be diverting their attention to other tasks. Virtual assistants are relieving that burden, ensuring that sales reps have the info they require without spending hours documenting it.

Improved Customer Service

Customer service is another natural fit for chatbots. They can easily fulfil a majority of common customer questions and hand off requests that require human interaction to customer support agents.

Intelligent bots that are able to provide instant recommendations in the context of current conversation are already used by many enterprises looking to

a) reduce operational costs and

b) improve the overall customer service experience.

Organisations that can strike the right balance between automation and human assistance will reap the most rewards.

The Age of the Chatbot is Upon Us

More and more businesses will begin developing and implementing bots in the near future, providing new services as well as existing functional systems.

It’s crucial that organisations remember that a bot, regardless of its purpose, must be easy to understand and use. It needs to focus on a specific problem or area of a business, delivering a seamless user experience to both customers and employees.