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app development for startups
If your business idea is already realized but you need to develop an app for smartphones and tablets to achieve more success, we can help you by offering our pluriannual experience in app development for startups, characterized by a passion and expertise that only Appify can provide.
So if you have an innovative idea and you need an expert technological partner that can guide you in the realization of your app, loving your idea and working to bring it to success, we can help you. Offering you a service that is not limited to the technical development but starting from the refinement of your product idea, through product design and graphic design, and continuing until the publication phase of the app, we turn your vision onto reality. 
Appify has packaged the ‘Build & Grow’ offering for funded startups, having spent years helping startups get from idea to market and beyond. We understand your need to be lean, get to market quickly and validate your ideas.

Mobile App Development For Startups


KEY Points

  1. This is for funded startups
  2. Costs start from £6,000 per month
  3. Within 6- 8 weeks we have your first release ready to ship
  4. You will have a dedicated team – your own mobile squad



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