Mobile technology continues to evolve at an astronomical rate and as smartphones become even more advanced, mobile marketers must keep up with brand new strategies.

App marketing has completely changed over the past couple of years but, at its core, is still centred on acquiring new app users and keeping them engaged.

App Marketing: What hasn't changed?

Engagement is still imperative when it comes to app marketing. Utilising push notifications, in-app messages and automated emails is still prominent when nurturing existing users towards a conversion.

Push notifications are still incredibly powerful. They are the building blocks of a great mobile marketing strategy and have the ability keep your app and business top of mind with potential customers, creating a fluent journey back to your app.

In-app messages are still a useful tool for app marketers, allowing for more granular interaction with users. However, in such a fast-paced environment, there are new app marketing strategies which are changing the game completely.

App Marketing: the Game Changers

Personalisation shift

Personalisation has become one of the most prominent elements of a successful app marketing strategy. App content has become more personalised for users, based on behaviours and preferences.

Push campaigns utilise personalisation when delivering tailored content and as marketing automation continues to grow, so does in-app engagement and conversions.

Predictive marketing

This game changer allows brands to predict which users are likely to convert or churn moving forwards. App marketers then have the ability to proactively encourage certain user account.

Users who are likely to convert may be sent a discount, nudging them closer to a conversion. On the other hand, users who are likely to churn can be segmented into nurture campaigns, attempting to re-engage the user.

Reaching out to new audiences

There are a whole host of mediums in which apps can reach out to new audiences. In addition to app ad formats, apps are beginning to incorporate remarketing into their acquisition and engagement campaigns.

Remarketing is enabling apps to promote products or actions outside of the app, providing a new means of communication if push notifications have been turned off.

Retention has become critical

Whilst acquiring new users is still a huge part of an app marketing strategy, marketers have learned just how important retention rates are too.

App metrics are key to developing a successful app marketing strategy and tracking where the most valuable users are stemming from will help you identify the best acquisition sources of your app.