Today you can see your home fully furnished well before buying any furniture and see how that new car looks parked in your garage even before signing a contract. Wondering how that’s possible?

It’s all because of augmented reality apps.

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive technology that, with the help of electronic devices, can enhance real objects with computer-generated perceptual information. Simply put, AR allows you to visualize things that aren’t physically present. We’re talking about creating a modified or enhanced reality.

Organisations are using augmented reality to enhance the customer experience. This is now making its way into our everyday lives. Augmented reality apps are available for everyone to download and benefit from. All you need is a smartphone and you can enjoy experimenting with new interior layouts, a pair of shoes and many other things.

Here are a few sectors where augmented reality apps are making a major difference:

Augmented Reality App for Retail Sector

While you may have heard of AR making games appear much more realistic, offering training through life-like 3D models or allowing space enthusiasts to witness constellations, AR apps have also found their way into use in the retail industry.

AR can turn out to be a game-changer for the retail sector by allowing the buyers to virtually try a product before making a purchase. They can visualize the look and feel of a product, and how it fits in their current environment. Customers are much more likely to buy an item if they’re able to try it beforehand and have an enjoyable experience. No words or pictures can market a product better than a great real-life experience.

Here are some of the most interesting augmented reality apps in the retail sector:


Have you ever experienced the nuisance of buying the furniture piece of your dreams from IKEA only to realize that it doesn’t sit well with the rest of your furniture? The countless hours spent in deciding, purchasing and finally assembling the piece have now gone to waste.

Well, IKEA has come up with the perfect solution.

IKEA Place is one of our favorite AR apps. It improves the overall buying experience for IKEA customers.

The IKEA augmented reality app enables customers to visualize a wide range of furniture pieces in their own homes. Just scan an area where you’d like the piece to fit, choose the furniture, and you’re done!

The furniture piece will appear exactly where you’d actually be putting it. You can move it around a bit to see if it fits, try different colors and designs, and even play around with the dimensions.

Just scan a specific area, select the design of the furniture you like and you’re done!

All you’ll need is a working smartphone and the IKEA Place app.

Wanna Kicks

Another good example of augmented reality apps in the retail sector is Wanna Kicks.

It’s not uncommon for people to order a pair of shoes online, only to go through the hassle of returning it because of choosing the wrong size.

Wanna Kicks augmented reality app allows people to virtually try on a pair of shoes before making the purchase.

This app has the potential to revolutionize the online shoe shopping experience for the better. Just frame your foot with your iPhone’s camera and try on shoes from leading brands like Adidas, Stella McCartney, Nike, New Balance and many others.

Sephora Virtual Artist

Sephora Virtual Artist is the best friend of every woman. To date, it’s the best augmented reality application in the beauty industry.

With this interactive app you can try on different makeup looks simply by snapping a picture of your face.

Choose from countless products and see what the results will look like on your specific features and skin type. With this application, you won’t ever have to return a perfect foundation just because you chose the wrong shade.

But that’s not it, this app is great for makeup amateurs and professionals alike for experimenting with different makeup looks and buying the products that seem to deliver the best results.

Augmented Reality App for the Tourism Industry

In recent years, augmented reality has become increasingly popular in the travel industry.

It enables hotels, resorts and venues to present their physical environments to potential customers within the comfort of their homes; thus encouraging them to plan an actual visit.

Here are some of the AR apps that, we believe, are very helpful for our fellow travelers:

Momondo (available for Android & iOS)

Momondo ar check hand luggage

You are about to leave for a trip and you need the choose the hand luggage to take with you.

It’s simple, except every airline has its own baggage policies which can get a tad confusing.

Momondo is a famous online search engine for flights, hotels and car rental offers. They have implemented an AR feature in their app which allows users to virtually measure the hand luggage.

Just point the app to your suitcase as instructed and you’ll have the exact dimensions in no time. Furthermore, the app will also tell you which airlines will allow you to carry your preferred suitcase.

Well, the app would’ve been perfect if it could also weigh your bags for you. Unfortunately, that’s something you may have to do manually!

Google Translate AR app

Break down the language barriers with the Google Translate app!

Google’s text and audio translation tool has been one of the best travel buddies for years. With time, it’s only getting better and more interactive.

First, it introduced voice search and now, it has augmented reality, real-time visual translation feature as well.

All you have to do is scan a text with your smartphone camera, and Google Translate will provide real-time translations of words and phrases.

You can also download the language packs, which allow you to enjoy offline translations for when you are travelling to remote regions.

We believe it is a must-have for all travelers (and non-travelers, too).

Augmented Reality App for the Gaming Industry

Augmented reality gaming is still in its nascent stages. And yet, who hasn’t tried playing Pokémon Go, the game in which you can capture wild Pokémon’s scattered in the real world.

Augmented reality games have already become a trend in the gaming industry, and their popularity keeps on growing.

With AR, gamers can experience fighting aliens, capturing fantastical creatures and defending kingdoms like never before. The gaming experience now feels more real than ever.

So grab your AR-enabled smartphone or console, and enjoy some of our favorite picks:

Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR game

For us, this offers the best augmented reality experience.

This game takes you inside the world of The Knights Templar. Your role is to defend the city of Acre from an invading army and protect Christianity’s most prized relic, the Holy Grail.

Just place the battlefield down on any flat surface near you, and your viewpoint then acts as a targeting reticule, allowing you to fire at enemy units as they come closer towards your walls.

Kill enemies and earn gold that you can spend on defenses and warriors to push the invaders back. It’s, indeed, a world of its own.

Other Applications

Apart from the sectors mentioned above, AR has found applications in several other categories as well.

Tapmeasure (available for iOS) or AR Ruler (available for Android)

TapMeasure app vs AR Ruler app

Here’s one of the simplest ideas for AR. These apps are a virtual tool that can help you in measuring anything and everything.

Some smartphones already have a similar built-in feature, however, these apps are much more sophisticated and accurate than those.

With these apps, you can mark a starting point and move the smartphone along the entire surface you want to measure.

It’s not just about simple, straightforward measurements; the apps can also measure angles, volume, and area. They even allow you to create a room plan from your measurements.

Unfortunately, this feature is not completely perfect as of yet, but nonetheless can still be highly useful.

Inkhunter augmented reality app

Sometimes we make decisions that have irreversible consequences like getting a haircut or a tattoo.

You may be convinced that a particular tattoo is great for you, but after all is said and done, you can end up regretting your decision.

With the Inkhunter augmented reality app, you can see what a particular tattoo will look like on you before actually getting it.

Just draw a boundary on your body where you’d like to have a tattoo, capture it with your smartphone’s camera and the app will automatically load the tattoo you choose.

BBC Civilizations AR

Who says you can’t use smartphones for learning?

With BBC’s Civilization AR app, learning becomes super interactive and fun for kids and adults alike.

This augmented reality app brings to you 40 works of art from human history across the many epochs and great civilizations of the past.

Each artifact can be viewed in lifelike 3D renderings using your phone as an AR viewfinder.

You can check out interactive features like x-ray views and narrations, and learn about the secrets, origins and history of these global cultural treasures.

Take advantage of the many opportunities offered by Augmented Reality

The applications in augmented reality offer numerous opportunities for companies belonging to different sectors (tourism, furniture, retail, beauty etc.).

In this article, we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.

If you believe that an augmented reality app can expand the reach of your business, or you have an innovative idea for an augmented reality app, contact us to see how we can help and enjoy a free consultation with our experts.