how often you should update your app

How Often Should You Update Your App?

So your mobile app is now built and available in the app stores. Users are downloading it, using it...

Beacon for retail

Beacon in Retail: The New Shopping Experience

Walking into your favourite local shop, you feel that distinctive short vibration in your pocket. 10 years...

create a retail app for your business

4 Good Reasons To Develop a Retail App For Your Business

A decade ago, shoppers typically made purchases in a pretty straightforward manner. They either...

smart working to maintain business continuity during covid-19

How to Maintain Business Continuity during COVID-19: Smart Working

Like most other industries, healthcare is being revolutionized by digital transformation. Adapting to...

digital transformation in healthcare

Digital Transformation in Healthcare in 2020

Like most other industries, healthcare is being revolutionized by digital transformation. Adapting to...

Sports App Fan Engagement

Sports App Development For Better Fan Engagement

Sports apps are proliferating in the sports industry as teams begin to understand how branded sport...

Mobile app trends 2019

Mobile App Trends 2019 [Infographic]

How people use their mobile devices? Get the answer in this infographic.

app store rejection

How to Avoid App Store Rejection

It’s definitely not easy to avoid app store rejection, but we have some very useful tips to get you...

user personas

User Personas: What are They and Why Do You Need Them?

To strategically develop an application tailored to users’ actual requirements, the application...

augmented reality app

Best Augmented Reality Apps in 2019

Today you can see your home fully furnished well before buying any furniture and see how...

on-demand app

15 Essential Features of On-Demand Applications

According to Harvard Business Review, the on-demand economy attracts more than 22.4 million...

Healthcare App Trends

Healthcare App: 7 Trends You Need to Follow

In the past few years Healthcare Apps have begun to add significant value in...

java or kotlin for android app development

Java or Kotlin: Which Should You Choose?

So you have a great app idea for Android devices but you don’t know whether to use...

customer app development

3 Reasons Why Your SME Needs a Customer App

There seems to be a commonly held perception that only large brands and enterprises...

Construction Enterprise App

Construction Enterprise App Development

Construction is one industry that is on the verge of transformation due to the...

retail enterprise app

How To Develop a Retail Enterprise App?

Last week we discussed Enterprise Mobility in the Construction Sector, this...

m-Commerce app

Why Would Anybody Use Your M-Commerce App?

Many medium and large organisations now have customer facing...

construction mobile apps

Mobility in the Work – Construction Mobile Apps

Creating Mobility Solutions in your business is not a problem, it’s an opportunity.

mobile app development

A New Mobile App? It’s Not Too Late

I’ve hijacked the blog… I need to get something off my chest… Mobile apps are...

innovation, ideas and execution

Ideas and Innovation Aren’t Enough

In an industry like mobile app development, we have many people that approach us...

mobile app marketing

App Marketing: The Game Changers

Mobile technology continues to evolve at an astronomical rate and as smartphones...


Age of the Chatbot – Chatbot Development

Whilst chatbots have become hugely beneficial for personalised customer...

app trap

4 Questions to Avoid Falling Into the ‘App Trap’

Businesses and brands are trying to ‘appify’ and digitise their services and products...

worst app ideas

6 Worst App Ideas We’ve Ever Heard

It’s a quiet day here at Appify so I thought I’d amuse myself by having...

mobile app agency

5 Questions Before Developing a Mobile App

Both large enterprises and small businesses are recognising the need...

financial services app development

8 Financial Services Apps Leading the Way

Are banking apps still reserved for cutting-edge tech lovers? Of course not!

four steps brilliant business case mobile application

Business Case For Your Mobile Application

We have now moved well beyond mass adoption of mobile technology.

4 must-haves for your mobile app development

4 Must-Haves For Your Mobile App Development

The demand for mobile app development from both customers and employees...

mobile roadmap

How To Develop a Mobile Roadmap?

You cannot afford to look at your mobile initiatives in a narrow-minded manner...

Agile Mobile App Development

Agile For Mobile App Development

When developing mobile apps, speed and agility are critical. As the world continues...

business case mobile app

Business Case For a Mobile App

There’s no doubting the fact that Enterprise Mobility is becoming one of...

mobile app development team

Internal vs External Development Team

Let’s begin with a simple question. What’s best for your business? Choosing an...

mobile app development

Investing More in App Development

Nine out of ten businesses plan to increase their investment in mobile app development...

mobile app testing

Mobile App Testing Checklist – What To Test Before Launch

Mobile app testing is a critical part of the development process as the finished...

minimum viable product (mvp)

Right Features For a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

What constitutes as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) exactly? In a nutshell, it’s...

Agile Development

Top 10 Agile Development Tips For CIOs

Enterprises are turning to agile development in order to speed up projects and illustrate...

enterprise app development

Enterprise App Demand to Outstrip Supply by 5:1

Demand for Enterprise Apps will outstrip available development capacity...

native app vs hybrid app

Native App vs Hybrid App Development

There is no right nor wrong when it comes to Native Apps and Hybrid Apps...

mobile app development uk

Mobile App Development Is More Important Than Ever

recent Deloitte survey show’s smartphone take-up is still rising in the UK.

sme's mobile app development

SME’s Mobile App Development

Doing our bit for small businesses: SME's mobile app development for the UK...