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Java or Kotlin for Android
Java or Kotlin: Which Should You Choose For Your Android App Development in 2019

So you have a great app idea for Android devices but you don’t know whether to use Java or Kotlin for the development of your app?

In this article we will show you the strengths of the 2 most famous programming languages for Android ​​so that you can answer the question.

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your sme needs a customer app
Customer App: Top 3 reasons why your SME needs it absolutely

There seems to be a commonly held perception that only large brands and enterprises can experience the commercial benefits of having an ‘own brand’ customer app. That may have been the case up until a couple of years ago but certainly isn’t today.

Accomplished App development companies with multi-national production capacity, such as Appify, can now construct m-commerce apps starting at £10,000.

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construction app
Construction Enterprise Apps

Construction is one industry that is on the verge of transformation due to the growing potential for the integration of construction enterprise apps. According to Lynn Langmade, author of the Construction Productivity blog, “for construction companies that want to increase their productivity and grow their business, it’s critical not just to have a solid foundation on the ground, but also a solid foundation in the cloud”. This assertion is supported by Robert Ring, the associate editor of Construction Business Owner. “There are many ways in which both consumer mobile devices and specialized industry devices can improve efficiency in any workplace, but this is especially true for construction.”

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mobile retail
Retail Enterprise Apps

Last week we discussed Enterprise Mobility in the Construction Sector, this week we look at the Retail Sector.

When we talk about retail enterprise apps we usually mean non-consumer facing applications that are designed to bring efficiency and cost saving to various in-house processes.

However, when we look at enterprise mobility in the Retail Sector we must also consider the customer as an end user.

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construction enterprise app
Mobility in the workplace – Construction Mobile Apps

Creating Mobility Solutions in your business is not a problem, it’s an opportunity. In the coming weeks we will look at how Enterprise Mobility is reshaping how we run our businesses across various sectors.

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mobile commerce
Why would anybody use your M-Commerce App? Seriously!

Many medium and large organisations now have customer facing applications. The trick of course is not just to have a beautiful, slick suite of applications, it is to have your target audience use the applications, as regularly as possible, to execute real transactions.

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enterprise app development
Mobile app, it’s not too late – Just get on with it…

I’ve hijacked the blog… I need to get something off my chest…

Mobile apps are nothing new, they’ve been around a LONG time… Yet many enterprises are still not using them to facilitate growth in their business and improve efficiencies and are falling way behind. In a recent visit to a client it dawned on me just how many enterprises are STILL so far behind the times when it comes to deploying mobile apps to improve their business.

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financial app
8 financial services apps leading the way

A guest blog by Jeff Lyall, Marketing Director at Smart Money People. Smart Money People is the UK’s #1 financial services review and insight platform.

Are banking apps still reserved for cutting-edge tech lovers? Of course not! As app usage is growing (our data shows that 33% of UK banking customers preferring to interact with their banks via apps), there are dozens of financial services apps which can be downloaded today. And more and more spring into the app store everyday. Each of these new breed to apps can help to make managing your banking, saving money, and even buying insurance much more user-friendly, efficient, and manageable day-to-day.

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iOS 11
iOS 11, could break your app!

It’s nearly D-Day for hundreds of the most beloved apps on the Apple App store. With the release of iOS 11 Apple is going to kill off support for all legacy apps that haven’t been updated to take advantage of the 64 bit processors included in all Apple devices since the iPhone 5S.

If that sounds like tech jargon to you, don’t worry, I’ll explain in a second.

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idead and innovations app development
Ideas and Innovation aren’t enough: It’s the Execution that counts

In an industry like mobile app development, we have many people that approach us with amazing ideas and bountiful enthusiasm. Ideas alone, however, aren’t good enough. This is the day and age where ideas and innovation are an absolute race against time before someone else is nipping at your idea’s feet. You have to be able to produce evidence in order to get the mobile app investment and traction that you will need to successfully launch the product/service.

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