Award-Winning Healthcare App Development

Appify is Ireland’s leading healthcare app development and mobile consultancy agency. We house an award-winning team of app developers who have worked on projects for some of the world’s leading organisations.

Our experience in the health field has allowed us to intercept the growing need of doctors to use technology at the service of their profession and also of patients to have medical services more accessible.

We offer app development for different healthcare needs, from booking doctor’s appointments to buying drugs online and getting health insurance or applications that simplify examination and treatment for surgeons, physicians and nurses.

The Future of Healthcare

With technology always changing and becoming more advanced, the future for healthcare apps is bright. And with the opportunity to provide IT solutions for the advancement of healthcare applications, now is the time to consider how you can develop the most cost effective healthcare mobile app for your business and marketing strategy.

Key Features of a Healthcare App

Appointment Booking & Reminder

Book an appointment and receive a notification

Prescription Medicine

Prescribe medicine for your patients through the app

Personal Medical Records

Upload your health data in the app and share it

Electronic Health Record

Upload and preserve the data of your patients

Process Management

Integrate automation in the workflow management

Laboratory Management

Simplify the activities of a medical laboratory

Ready to create a Healthcare App?

We’ll realize your idea for a medical app. All you need to do is drop us a few lines.