Let’s begin with a simple question. What’s best for your business?

A) Choosing an external agency for your app development project

B) Utilising your own development team

As one of the leading enterprise app development companies in Ireland, we’re accustomed to working alongside companies that already have large internal development teams.

Many of the companies that Appify works with consider using their own internal teams to develop applications but it isn’t as simple as that. Outsourcing development is certainly an option worth considering.

Internal IT and Development teams are becoming a necessity for large enterprises. Developing mobile apps internally has the ability to save an organisation money in the long-term and give the business complete control over development projects.

However, partnering with another development company can have its own rewards. Large organisations are working with external developers to better understand new and innovative technologies, similar to what Appify offers. It’s also useful to share learnings from wide industry experience.

For urgent development projects, working with an external development agency can be extremely beneficial and will speed up delivery times. In many cases, internal development teams may not have the right skill set to develop certain applications and will therefore need an external agency to assist.

A barrier internal teams often face is the particular skill set required for developments. Organisations need developers with the skills and experience in mobile language, whether it being HTML5, Java, Objective-C, C# or C++.

Without this experience, internal teams will find it very difficult to develop applications for iOS and Android devices.

Developing mobile applications requires vast experience in order to create something which is easy to use and improve a process or procedure across an organisation.

External development companies not only help develop the app, they help fill in any other gaps, including strategy consulting and support.

Appify provides mobile consulting for enterprises, helping businesses plan effective mobile roadmaps and being thought leaders when it comes to new innovative technologies.

Working with organisations’ internal development teams has become key to successfully developing applications in the enterprise.

The key is finding a mobile partner who can plug the gaps in the internal resource. This could be a full service solution delivery or it could be smaller individual elements. For example, strategic support, UX Design Support, or specialist development skills (among others).

I’d like to take you back to my original question. What’s best for your business? We have a vast number of clients who asked themselves that same question and choosing to work with an expert external app development company like Appify has produced great results.