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iOS 11, could break your app!

iOS 11

It’s nearly D-Day for hundreds of the most beloved apps on the Apple App store. With the release of iOS 11 Apple is going to kill off support for all legacy apps that haven’t been updated to take advantage of the 64 bit processors included in all Apple devices since the iPhone 5S.

If that sounds like tech jargon to you, don’t worry, I’ll explain in a second.


iOS 11

iOS 11 mobile app

Prior to the 2013 release of the iPhone 5s all iPhones had 32 bit processors and therefore all apps were optimised to run on this platform. The easiest way to envisage this is to imagine the railways being optimised for steam engines, the infrastructure has to include the likes of water towers, coal reserves etc.

In 2013 Apple switched to 64 bit processors, imagine this as the railways being upgraded so that they are suitable for diesel trains. So the infrastructure now included the existing legacy water towers and coal reserves but also new elements such as diesel fueling stations. This duplication of infrastructure means the new apps can’t run at full capacity as resources are stretched across both types.


To address this, in 2016 Apple announced that they would be longer be accepting new apps that run on 32 bit systems, ie they banned new steam trains from the app store. With the release of iOS 11 they’re dropping support 32 bit apps all together, ie they’re getting rid of all legacy infrastructure such as the water towers and coal reserves therefore stopping steam trains being able to run on the tracks. This means as of September when iOS 11 is released, 32 bit apps will no longer work in a bid to ensure new apps work as well as possible.

What does this mean for you?

This means that if you have an app that’s only designed to run on 32 bits you have just over a month to get it upgraded before it stops working – you need to get a diesel engine fitted to your steam train!

The chances are you don’t know this is going to happen, a huge song and dance hasn’t been made about this problem but it is very real.

Fortunately, Appify is here to help. We currently have an offer for new and existing clients where we will perform an iOS 11 health check on your app and have a fixed price for upgrading it if necessary. If you’re interested, get in touch!

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