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Develop an iOS app to stay competitive in market 3.0. Apple estimates that there are now 1.4 billion active users of their devices globally (Q1 2019) and commands over 50% of the world mobile phone market. Given that mCommerce is expected to generate $659 billion in 2021, you need to ask whether you can afford to miss out on being on the leading platform in such a lucrative market.

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iOS App Development: Why choose Appify to build your app for this platform?

Developing an iOS app is essential for businesses that wish to prosper in the evolving market paradigm.

We have an award-winning team of iOS app developers, who have extensive experience working with Swift, Objective-C and HTML 5 to develop high-quality iOS 13 compatible mobile applications for smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and Apple TVs.

Our agile approach, coupled with superior iOS testing methodologies, mean that our ‘Right First Time’ approach it more than just a mantra – it is our way to ensure that your app is effective right from launch.

We get your iOS product to market fast. We help you to identify the key value elements of your app and build your highest value launch version rapidly. This means that you can start to add value to your customers and generate new revenues quickly.

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