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iPad App Development


iPad App Development

In the last years a boom has been seen in the use of mobile devices. Not only for entertainment purposes but also for business applications.  In this world iPad still holds the dominant place so the need for iPad app development is increasing constantly. For most of the companies becomes more and more important also to be present in the App Store to increase the visibility of their brand.

At Appify we offer the best solution for a world-class iPad app for your business whether you want a new application or you need to make changes in an existing app to adopt it for the new technologies . Our team of award-winning iPad app developers is specialized in building results-driven iPad applications. We follow the industry-specific requirements to create a custom iPad app that adds value to your brand. Apart from designing and deploying Apple iOS features we develop other innovative and bespoke features to be integrated with third party systems to meet client specific business requirements.

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iPad App: it’s not a simple iOS app

Maybe you think that it’s enough to build an iOS app for iPhone and it will work well also on an iPad device. Although both of them run with the same operating system the resolution of the tablet is different from the mobile. So even if a simple iOS app designed for iPhone will work also on iPad visually we could see a different result.

At Appify we have a completely different approach when developing apps for iPads. We help you to create a dedicated design for iPad for a better user experience of your application also on larger screens. Because of the bigger dimension you can add also more functionalities, features and multimedia elements to your app.

Our services include:

  • iPad App Development
  • iPad App Design
  • Enterprise iOS Applications
  • iPad App Integration
  • Service, Maintenance

Experience across different industries


We develop mobile app solutions for Startups and Enterprises in every sector. Our iPad app developers have 45 years of experience working with different businesses. Having developers specialized in each field we provide world-class solutions fo every need.

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Our iPad App Development Process

For Appify every business is different. That’s why we don’t offer customers “pre-packaged” solutions. We prefer to evaluate each case in order to develop iOS apps in the best way.

As the first step, during a consultation with one of our experts, we’ll help you to identify your goal and the objectives to reach with the mobile app development. Before starting the actual development it will also be necessary to establish the reference target and the amount to invest.

The wirefrming and designing phase involves your active participation in the development process. In order to obtain the best results, we do not consider sufficient having the initial directives. We prefer to have a transparent approach with you so we’ll keep you constantly informed through reports and, if required, during further consultations.

Only after this step we move to the development phase where we code the app itself according to the guidelines identified with you. Also the app security represents a priority for us already from the beginning of the coding. We reduce “security flaws” by thinking about the risks and effects they can have on the code, data and users in development , before even starting the tests.

As bugs are part of the code, testing & debugging are part of our development process. We always make sure that the delivered products are solid, bugs are discovered, errors are spotted and the entire product works as planned.

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