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Medical App Development

medical app development

Revolutionize your business with a Medical App!

In the recent years the need of doctors and patients for medical app development, so mHealth solutions like mobile healthcare apps, medical apps & health-related patient apps, is rapidly growing. In addition to that, the healthcare system is focusing on a patient-centric approach more with each passing day.

Medical apps revolutionized the healthcare system. With the huge variety of applications for healthcare professionals and patients, it became easier to keep track of personal health, recovery, scheduling appointments and consulting with a specialist.

Medical App Development

Medical App for Doctors

To make easier the daily routine, administration and coordination

  • E-prescribing
  • Patients’ medical records
  • Hospital administration
  • Staff management
  • CRM
Medical App for Patients

To control personal health and organise medical appointments

  • Health tracking
  • Appointment booking
  • Online consultation
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Nutrition apps

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Features of a Medical App

At Appify our expert developers specialized in medical app development know well which features these apps should contain to fulfill the needs of the end user. We take these functionalities in the center of our development process. 


For patients it’s important to have the possibility to take under control their blood pressure, calories, heart rate or glucose level on their own wherever they are. These factors can be also memorized in the application so it makes easier to doctors to monitor the patients’ health also during an online consultation.

Doctor appointments

In many mHealth solutions it’s integrated the functionality of scheduling an appointment. It helps also doctors to organize their work, send alerts to patients before the visit. With the calendar also medicine intake can be set up or do a lot more.

In-App Payment

It is a very important function for patients who are required to pay a fee for a healthcare service or for their medical insurance. As visits to private doctors or in hospitals can be followed by a medical bill, with this feature you can make user experience much better offering patients the possibility of online payment directly from an app where they can also schedule their visits.

Other key feautres of a successful medical app are access electronic medical records, access lab test results, get prescription reminders, get notifications for the latest hospital news and events, download and upload reports such as X-rays, ultrasound scans or MRI scans, get emergency aid, view maps that show indications to hospital wards and sections, indicating the floor they are located on etc.

app development process

Our Medical App Development Process

For Appify every business is different. That’s why we don’t offer customers “pre-packaged” solutions. We prefer to evaluate each case in order to develop Android apps in the best way.

As the first step, during a consultation with one of our experts, we’ll help you to identify your goal and the objectives to reach with the mobile app development. Before starting the actual development it will also be necessary to establish the reference target and the amount to invest.

The wireframing and designing phase involves your active participation in the development process. In order to obtain the best results, we do not consider sufficient having the initial directives. We prefer to have a transparent approach with you so we’ll keep you constantly informed through reports and, if required, during further consultations.

Only after this step we move to the development phase where we code the app itself according to the guidelines identified with you. Also the app security represents a priority for us already from the beginning of the coding. We reduce “security flaws” by thinking about the risks and effects they can have on the code, data and users in development , before even starting the tests.

As bugs are part of the code, testing & debugging are part of our development process. We always make sure that the delivered products are solid, bugs are discovered, errors are spotted and the entire product works as planned.

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