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Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

mobile app development for smes



The proliferation of apps for smartphones and tablets is growing continuously. For this reason, creating and developing novel, useful, engaging applications is becoming a challenge. At Appify we are strongly convinced that new technologies must be accessible also to smaller businesses, quickly and economically. So whether you run a restaurant, an IT business, or a retail store, you need to have a mobile app to grow your success. This is why our SME offering is structured according to the needs of our customers.

If you’re an SME with a fantastic app idea and want to move quickly, Appify offers you the best solution on the market. Do you want the scale of an enterprise or brand, but you need to operate a lean budget to get your idea to market? We get it! That’s why at Appify we created our ‘Platform Service’ offering designed with the SME in mind.



Mobile App Development for SMEs



KEY Points

  1. For established SME’ businesses looking to have prototype or fully market-ready applications built on a budget
  2. Costs consist of a fixed upfront fee from £6,000 and a monthly support charge from £250
  3. Applications are built in react native and can have a content management system, databases or payment integrations that ambitious SMEs typically require



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