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What we do

app development
app development

At Appify we help companies build world-class, customer centric, mobile applications. We are a team of experienced mobile specialists focused on developing mobile technology solutions for enterprises and brands. Our core services include:

  1. Native Mobile App Development
  2. React Native App Development
  3. Backend Development
  4. Digital Consulting and Mobile Strategy

We are intimately familiar with mobile solutions across a broad range of commercial and services sectors. During our development process we are able to create mobile apps based upon the particular requirements of each vertical.



App Development

One of Appify’s core strengths is our advisory led approach to development. We work hand in hand with our clients to carefully analyse and understand the requirements of the project and to map out the most advantageous mobile product solution. 

Our team is expert in the development of native apps, written with the programming language of the device on which they will be used, such as Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android.

We also deal with the development of hybrid apps, usually written in a cross-platform language (normally Javascript and HTML5). Hybrid development can have several advantages as it normally saves time and costs.

We apply multiple testing methodologies to ensure that the digital product is developed to the highest standards, offering excellent functionality and usability. 

Unlike other agencies, we do not disappear once the application is constructed! We simply enter the next phase of our client relationship by offering publication and launch support, generous maintenance & servicing terms and full product life-cycle support.

There are 5 phases in our app development process:

  1. The Concept
  2. Analysis of the concept vis-a-vis the business objectives, budget and target market
  3. Selection of the optimal format and platform
  4. Design and development
  5. Maintenance and upgrade

To create a successful app, we believe it is essential that it should be original and that it provides utility to the target audience. However, it is not just the content and features of an application that make it successful. For this reason, we are cognisant that the graphic design and the usability must be excellent. The app must present clear content, be intuitively navigable, and guarantee rapid interaction and excellent functionality. That’s why, before moving on to the final release, we take care to test user journeys on multiple devices, adopting the main resolutions.

Why choose us

We bring a unique 360 degree view to your mobile application project.

  • Pre-development analysis and strategic advice
  • Innovative product planning and design
  • Exceptionally competent mobile technology development across all major platforms
  • Rigorous testing to safeguard quality
  • Full support through publication and launch
  • Comprehensive servicing and management packages
  • Live in-market performance tracking, feedback and advice

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