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Native App Development

native app development

Native App Development


Native apps are built  for use on a particular device with a specific programming language for each operating systems, like Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Kotlin or Java for Android. They run directly on mobile devices and they can take advantage of the latest technologies having access to GPS or the camera of the smartphone. These apps are fast, responsive and they have a high performance.

At Appify we create native mobile applications, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have strong experience in developing apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, always respecting the logic and guidelines of native operating systems. We pay particular attention to offering solutions that are both intuitive and functional. We take care of the image and design of the interfaces with competence and passion and aim at the high quality of the App.

React Native App Development: why to choose it?

As smartphones are used more than other devices consumers have high expectations also for their operation. That’s why it’s extremely important to provide a great user experience.

Native apps look and feel great, and operate very well, which leads to better user experience, customer satisfaction, and retention rates.

The apps built in native have also many benefits that make them the perfect choice for your app development.

Native App Development: benefits


Flawless Performance

Native apps are built for a specific operating system, taking advantage of the speed of the device. This makes the application work smooth and fast and it performs better than other apps developed in other programming languages.

Great UX/UI Design

Developing apps in native languages allows to create a great deigns and user experience with the possibility of implementing sophisticated UX/UI design. It makes the navigation clearer and much quicker for the end user.

Easy Launch

Native applications can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Play Store and they can be launched without any external tools or programs.

Offline Operation

In some cases native apps can be used also without Internet connection. It’s very important for a better user experience that the application continues working also when the device is offline.


World-Wide Brands having Native App

Native App Development is still very popular for many companies. These are some of the big brands having both a native Android and iOS app.


google maps

Google Maps




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