According to Harvard Business Review, the on-demand economy attracts more than 22.4 million consumers annually whose spending amounts to about $57.6 billion. It is one of the most used business models, with online market places being the largest revenue-generating category.

The statistics are invariably in favour of the new, on-demand era. And it’s not just for the young! On-demand applications keep consumers constantly connected to businesses. They conveniently cater to all sorts of needs with a few, easy taps.

And perhaps, that is the reason why they have managed to attract millennials, baby boomers and the older population alike.

But what are these on-demand apps?

On-demand service applications are that vital link between the end consumers and service providers that allows consumers to get the service they need with minimal effort on their part. The goal is to provide superior quality services and impeccable customer experience.

From start-ups to huge enterprises, everyone has jumped on the on-demand services bandwagon. From food delivery and taxi-booking to healthcare care and medicines, on-demand apps provide customers with instant solutions.

In fact, in today’s competitive market with rising customer expectations, failing to provide services on demand can put a business at a serious disadvantage.

Benefits of an on-demand app

on-demand app development

The benefits of on-demand applications are plenty, but the major goal is to match demand and supply instantaneously. When market competition is on the rise, speed and convenience can be game-changers.

Here’s what makes on-demand service applications really popular:


Ordering goods or services has never been easier. Placing an order, making a payment, and tracking delivery, all can be done through smart devices without as much as moving from the couch.

In addition to the convenience of having needs met wherever, whenever, on-demand apps allow order tracking as well. Customers can know the exact location of their order along with the remaining delivery time through a map service.

For business owners, having customers connected to their services 24/7 means higher sales and better revenues. Offering convenience and speed can create a competitive edge in highly saturated markets. And in some cases, on-demand apps allow businesses to operate without having to invest in costly infrastructure; which is a win-win.

It also provides start-ups and SMEs the opportunity to compete with and win against much larger businesses.

Unlimited business opportunities

Service providers can gather invaluable customer data through on-demand applications such as contact details, interests, behaviours etc. This data can do wonders for a business through modern data analytics and business intelligence tools.

Businesses can engage with customers at a more personal level and send personalized offers to boost conversion rates and build brand loyalty.

Critical features of an on-demand app

If you area business owner thinking about developing an on-demand app, the first step is to assess your target audience. There will be some difference in a customer service app features, service provider app features and a management portal or an admin app features.

Here’s a list of some must-have features for various modules of an on-demand services applications:

1. Customer Service App Features

on-demand app for customers

Appropriate algorithm

Only a properly designed algorithm can ensure quick service delivery by relaying the task to the nearest available server.

Push notifications

On-demand customer service apps must incorporate a push notifications feature to update the customers regarding the delivery status of their order and also remind them of on-going promotions and limited-time offers.

Real-time GPS tracking

This allows users to track their order and estimate the remaining delivery time. Such a feature can save the customer service of businesses from the unnecessary burden of answering endless order-related queries.

Payment facility

In the era of e-Commerce, having an online payment feature is crucial for on-demand service applications. In fact, on-demand apps must integrate a variety of payment options to serve a wide audience.

Customers should have the option to pay through credit cards, debit cards, online bank transfers, e-Wallet and other mainstream payment methods. Otherwise, buyers may very well opt for another service provider that offers their desired mode of payment.

Reviews & ratings

On-demand apps should allow customers to leave feedback and ratings. While positive reviews can attract new customers, negative feedback can help businesses improve their services.

Review and ratings feature also creates a sense of importance in the customers, and they are more likely to use an app in which their opinions matter.

Wish list / Favourites

Sometimes customers are reluctant to make a purchase right away. They may need time to evaluate other products or compare with other providers before they finally settle on something.

Favourites and wish lists come handy in such cases so that the potential buyers can come back to the particular provider when they’re ready to place an order.

Wish lists also provide valuable intelligence about the customer.

Customer profile

In order to deliver better user experiences and also to gather customer data, offering a feature for creating personalized profiles is very important.

Gathering relevant information for business intelligence also becomes a lot easier with integrated social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. Service provider app features

on-demand app for service providers

Push notification

Push notifications inform service providers when a user avails their services or products.

Accepting & rejecting requests

The service provider’s app must allow them to accept or reject a request. Sometimes, providers may even need to manually change some details regarding a request.

Schedule service availability

This feature allows service providers to schedule their availability and notify customers when they are out of service. It also includes the ability to identify out of stock items.

Track earnings

This feature allows the service providers to view and manage their earnings.

3. Admin app features

admin app


All admin apps need to have a dedicated dashboard. It must be easy to navigate and allow admins to effectively manage users and service providers, and efficiently monitor all business processes such as client orders, payments or customer queries.

Appropriate algorithm

The admin should be able to manually assign a service provider to the customer if the automatic assignment fails for some reason.

Analytics & report

The app should allow an admin to view statistics such as the number of services requested, cancelled, or if the business is doing well, in general, and going in the right direction.

Price and commission management

For the Admin module, another critical feature is commission management which allows admins to manage prices and commission charges. It should also allow admins to ensure smooth transactions.

How to get started?

If you have a great idea for an on-demand app, you can contact Appify to discuss it further with our team of professional app developers and designers.

At Appify, our experts accompany you through the entire development process and well beyond. As a first step, you can benefit from a free consultation with our team to evaluate your requirements. We start by analysing your market segment and figure out the best way forward.

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You could see that developing an On-Demand app for your business can be profitable and what benefits it can bring.

On-demand service applications are essential for meeting ever-increasing customer expectations. The ease and convenience of being able to get services at the door step can increase sales and revenue for businesses.

And this is only the beginning.

On-demand apps will continue to disrupt traditional service delivery and business models. Companies like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb have revolutionized their respective industries.

And if you’re looking to build something similar to conquer your marketplace, Appify can provide custom on-demand mobile app solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

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