“It almost feels like a ritual. Sitting down, with soft light, and pressing play on your smartphone. Then letting vibrations do their thing.”

Caruso is a finely designed cabinet with built-in speaker letting you decide the music to play just using your mobile. Recalling the old gramophones, it’s actually equipped with Bluetooth technology and an ultra-modern, high-definition speaker. The special add-on is the app which not only reminds of the cabinet design but it allows the interaction. Using your mobile, you can remotely control the audio system, change the tracks, adjust the volume and the sound.

UX/UI Design

Caruso smartphone connection
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Caruso cabinet connection
Caruso mockup
Caruso speaker white
Cabinet grey
Caruso speaker pink
Cabinet white
Caruso speaker gold
Cabinet vintage
Caruso app black screen
Caruso app pink screen
Caruso app yellow screen
Caruso miniforms
Caruso mobile app
Caruso mobile app