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The first Italian reality game show with a Chatbot

What’s a Chatbot? It’s a software that allows users to ask direct questions and have real time answers.
It’s like to have a conversation with a real human being. With a chatbot it’s possible to send ad-hoc contents for specific users.
It’s a one-to-one interaction where the user can access the information he is looking for, simply asking with a natural language.
Moreover, the user can decide if he wants receive specific update

With the Celeberity Big Brother chatbot messenger, the user can:
– pose direct questions about the reality show new season
– acceed all the website contents in a really easy and quick way
– select his favourite participant in order to receive customize updates
– select the content type he prefers (romantic, sexy, fight) and receive personalized notifications
– vote his favourite competitor

The Celebrity Big Brother Chatbot Messenger is online.
Try it here: https://m.me/grandefratello

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