Fassa Bortolo is a leading company in the field of products and solutions for the building industry. Every year Fassa’s Product Managers have to preorder the products for the following year. It is not easy to predict the right quantity to buy from the suppliers.

They asked us to find a solution to let the Product Managers communicate between them in order to do some trustable selling previsions. We designed and developed a UI/UX iOS iPad app that displays all the data, giving them the chance to manually add their own previsions, sharing them with other Product Managers.

The most challenging part of this project was to communicate with Fassa Bortolo’s database so that the data are usable by the iOS app.

UI/UX Design
iOS Development

Fassa Bortolo sales forecast app splash
Fassa Bortolo sales forecast app dashboard
Fassa Bortolo sales forecast app card detail
Fassa Bortolo sales forecast app all functions