Doing our bit for small businesses: SME's mobile app development for the UK business owners.

In December Appify launched a campaign to get small businesses investing in their mobile presence. Whilst much of the development work we undertake is for mid market and enterprise businesses, we see an opportunity for small business owners to embrace mobile app and mobile web.

For many small businesses, mobile app development is something that their budgets won’t stretch to, so to do our bit and help out, we’re running a special offer until the 14th of February, specifically for small businesses looking to get a mobile website and mobile app.

Why go mobile?

Internet traffic from mobile devices has rocketed in recent years, meaning that more people use their smartphones to browse the internet and search for local businesses and services than any other device.

If you have don’t have a mobile presence and are sending your website traffic to non mobile optimised pages, then you’ll be loosing valuable enquiries and undoubtedly business! No business owner wants to leave money on the table.

Mobile app or mobile website?

In short, you need both!

mobile website is a must have so that all those internet searches from mobile devices can serviced properly. Providing your customers and potential customers with a good mobile experience.

In addition, Google and all other major search engines now want to see your website mobile friendly, otherwise they will penalise you in the organic search rankings.

mobile app is the game changer. If you can get your customer or potential customer to download your app, then that puts you and your business in their pocket! On the one device that is never more than 10 feet away from them, ever!

You now exist on their phone, your products and services conveniently accessible and just as importantly, you’re now able to engage that customer/prospect on demand using push messaging. You can send a message reminding them about an offer you’re running, or even a special event.

Mobile apps make your current marketing work harder too. If you print leaflets or do local press advertising, you can let the reader know about your app and incentivise them to download it.

And guess what, once they download the app and throw away the leaflet or print advert, they still have your app and you can still engage and market to that customer/prospect! You starting to see the benefit of app?

Mobile is here to stay, so the time is now to embrace it! For further information don’t hesitate to contact us!