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Appify is a leading sports app development and mobile technology consultancy agency. Our unique experience in the sports industry has allowed us to influence technology usage within the sector and offer cutting-edge solutions to governing bodies, sports clubs, sports sponsors and fitness companies. We offer unique insights and technology solutions in fan engagement, fan monetisation, sport participation, talent identification, fitness delivery and various other areas. So if you have a new and innovative idea for mobile in sport contact us.

Example Functions of Sports Apps

Second Screening

In-game second screening is emerging as a key engagement interface between sports and fans. This is a trend, based upon our research, that will become increasingly prevalent as to how sports fans will consume content. Appify has the industry insight, coupled with the technology expertise, to deliver uniquely compelling second screening mobile apps.

Participation Development

We have advised major governing bodies as to how the potential of mobile technology can be deployed to safeguard, grow and maximise participation. Participation rates in most organised team sports in the developed world are falling. Part of the solution to this growing participation issue lies in harnessing the power of mobile to introduce, enable, propagate and retain participation. Based upon our dual understanding and capability in this area, Appify should be your technology partner of choice in formulating and delivering mobile participation apps.


Personal fitness in the home, outdoor and training studio environments, is a huge growth industry. Mobile apps are, and will increasingly be, influential in the delivery of fitness programmes in all these environments. Appify is collaborating with numerous third-party fitness and performance technology providers to create apps that inform, monitor and optimise personal fitness regimes.

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