Top Tip – Sign an NDA before pitching your app idea to us. It stands for Non-Disgracing Agreement as well as Non-Disclosure Agreement

It’s a quiet day here at Appify so I thought I’d amuse myself by having a wander around the office and having a chat with everyone about the worst app ideas we’ve all heard. Working for a leading development agency means everyone always wants to tell you their million dollar idea, unfortunately, most of them are Pokemon-No rather than Pokemon-Go.

So we collected for you the worst app ideas we’ve ever heard.

The 6 Worst App Ideas

1. The app idea that's already been done - "I want to make iCloud but for Android"

Up at number one is my personal favourite category which is when people put forward ideas that have already been done. The best example of this is the gentleman who told us he wanted to made iCloud but for Google devices to which our consultant replied “What? Like Google Drive”.

iCloud alternatives

2. The technically impossible - "Well, can't Facebook give us the data?"

The other most common category is the apps which haven’t been done because they can’t be done. One gentleman asked if we could make an app that would notify users when other people screenshotted their facebook feed. He got quite upset when I informed him that A. Facebook don’t collect this data and B. even if they did, they wouldn’t make it available to other people!

Facebook data

3. The niche that doesn't exist - Mosqgo

As the app market matures there is genuine opportunity to be found by taking large, mass market ideas that are successful and optimising them for niches. However, taking Tripadvisor and specialising it for rating mosques certainly isn’t one of them.


4. The niche that does exist but shouldn't - Doggr

On the other end of the scale is the spotting of a niche that does exist but no self respecting company would want to be involved with. Doggr was put forward as Grindr but for people who like dogging… suggested features included:

  • Top local dogging spots
  • Virtual bowls of car keys
  • Making the phone camera flash extra bright incase your headlights aren’t working

5. The scam - Find-a-plumber

This was a work of genius whilst simultaneously being utterly ridiculous. One plumber approached us with an idea for making an app that helped you find a local plumber, so far so good. However, the twist was that no matter what the customer searched for he would be the number #1…

find a plumber

6. The plain ridiculous - Ipoo, "the Monopoly board of toilets"

The final suggestion here is probably my favourite as it’s so ridiculous I reckon it just might work. The concept was similar to Monopoly but all the squares on the board were actual public toilets in the UK. You played interactively with friends and claimed property on the board by visiting the public convenience and *ahem* relieving one’s self… genius.