When developing mobile apps, speed and agility are critical. As the world continues to shift from desktop to mobile, agile is finally coming of age. So why is agile perfect for mobile app development?

An agile approach enables enterprises to build quality into every individual increment of a mobile app. Enterprise mobility is growing at an exponential rate, therefore businesses must be able to move fast with projects whilst enhancing quality, efficiency and speed to market.

Mobile app development is unpredictable and fast-changing, with project demands at an all-time high. Launching a mobile application certainly isn’t easy, so it’s essential your app is pushed to the market as quickly as possible.

Once the application has been launched, you’re then able to think about incrementally developing the User Experience (UX) based on user feedback.

Agile practices need to be implemented and developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is recommended. This will allow you to make necessary iterations to the application when required.

Optimising a mobile app’s lifespan is a huge obstacle when it comes to app development. Mobile app infrastructure and hardware continue to evolve rapidly, meaning the average app has a lifespan of roughly 12 months.

Agile development provides a framework that will maximise the lifecycle of an application, enabling mobile projects to adapt to change.

There’s a lot more to mobilising your enterprise than running your app on a variety of devices. Whilst the time it takes to develop and launch an application will become shorter, you’ll want to ensure you can launch many more apps following the initial release of the first app.

Appify follows an agile approach. This enables you to launch apps quickly by first developing a MVP which acts as a platform on which future iterations can be built.

By launching a mobile app, you’re introducing new tools, applications and security concerns within your infrastructure. The way in which your business runs, engages with employees and shares information could change completely.